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A Safe, Affordable Alternative To Liposuction

Drop 2-14.5 inches in Just One 25min Session, GUARANTEED!

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Shed Weight, Feel Great This Season

It’s that time again. With summer around the corner, Americans are getting ready to head to the gym while browsing Pinterest on the Elliptical to find the perfect low-carb, high-protein dinner option for the evening.

But let’s face it, most of us end up falling off the wagon. Two weeks into our weight loss journey, we find ourselves binging on Lay’s potato chips, carrot cake, cookie dough ice-cream, and whatever tickles our fancy at 9PM. We had just bought kale chips at Whole Foods (or wherever) but simply sounded better.

Fact is, losing weight requires discipline. Discipline requires the right mindset and a solid commitment. We all want to shed some pounds but it surely isn’t easy. However, maybe there is something that might make shedding weight easier? And maybe, just maybe, even faster?

Accelerate Your Weight Loss Journey

When diet and exercise simply aren’t enough or if you have been looking for a way to massively accelerate your fat loss, there might be a “new thing” that you haven’t tried, yet. And it’s not just “fad”. In fact, this new and exciting technology is on its way to completely revolutionize the weight loss industry as well as simplify and accelerate our path to our desired goal.

Body Contouring – The Safe, Affordable Alternative to Liposuction

Over the last few years, a still little known, yet, highly-effective fat loss treatment has been captivating folks all over the nation — body contouring. (Sometimes referred to as body sculpting.)

Now, if you ask your friends or co-workers, chances are, they probably have never even heard of it. Liposuction or “tummy tucks” are a lot more known. However, such surgical, highly-invasive procedures come with tremendous risks. Plastic surgery’s dirty little secret is that 20 people out of 100,000 patients die. Yes, die. (This data comes from a study that appeared in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, by the way.) Sure, one might say “Hey, that’s only 0.02%” but, the truth of the matter is that liposuction’s death rate is higher than the death rate of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. So, the risk is there and can not be denied. And we haven’t even talked about the enormous amounts of complications that arise from lipo.

Maybe you even know some personally who is still, even years after their surgery, suffering from such complications. All that said, at the end of the day, we are all adults. We are free to make our own decisions and if those include knives, needles, and anesthesia, that’s cool with us as long as the individual fully understands what they’re getting themselves into and what price they could possibly pay.

Talking about price… According to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of liposuction is $3,637. And this doesn’t even include anesthesia, operating room facility, and other related expenses.

Body sculpting, on the other hand, is not only non-invasive (meaning, there’s no surgery involved) but also more than affordable for the average joe or jane.

Body Contouring Technologies — Celebrities’ Best Kept Secret

From the Kardashians to Jennifer Aniston, Celebrities have been secretly using this new, non-invasive fat reduction technology without telling you. (How dare they!) Whether they used body contouring “just because” or to get ready for another hit movie, Hollywood celebs have been getting treatments done such as Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, EMSculpt, Vanquish, Contour Light / Red Light Body Sculpting, Shockwave, and whatnot. Some behind closed doors, others have been relatively outspoken about it.
  • Jennifer Aniston

  • Kim Kardashian (lost 17 pounds)

  • Kris Jenner

  • Khloe Kardashian

  • Mariah Carey

  • Molly Sims

  • Lindsay Lohan

  • Ali Landry

  • Sonja Morgan

  • Debra Messing

  • Johnny Weir

  • Brooke Shields

  • Debra Messing

  • Sonja Morgan

CoolSculpting under Fire

Probably the most known body contouring procedure is CoolSculpting. However, recently the company and device have been getting some bad publicity due to a CoolSculpting “cycle” gone wrong. Former supermodel Linda Evangelista has been alleging that CoolSculpting left her “brutally disfigured”.

Truth is, CoolSculpting is probably the most “aggressive” body contouring procedure out there. It’s actually extremely uncomfortable. This particular body contouring technology basically “freezes” the fat cells of the person to cause rapid weight loss. Multiple “cycles” are needed to achieve the desired result. And it’s not cheap.

Drop 2-14.5 inches in Just One 25min Session, GUARANTEED!

(Or your money back.)

Body Contouring Options

There are many different devices out there. Very few have been actually proven to work, and many (of the very cheap) devices are Made in China.

So, caution: Be careful where you get your body contouring procedure done because there are big differences in regards to quality and there is nothing more frustrating than not only wasting money but also precious time.

That said, we are only going to list the most known, proven-to-work devices.

Body Contouring Devices

  • Coolsculpting: around $700+ per session (“cycle”)

  • Sculpsure: $300-700 per session

  • Cryoskin: around $350/session

  • Laser Lipo: 49–350 per session

  • Contour Light: $37-249 per session

Most of these procedures are relatively aggressive and discomfort to varying degrees is to be expected. Plus, obviously, some come with a hefty price tag. Especially, when considering that you are going to need multiple sessions to see any kind of results.

Furthermore, not all devices offer virtually instant results. CoolSculpting and Sculpsure, for example, work very slowly and require patience – you are essentially waiting for results to kick in.

Last but not least, with some fat reduction technologies (i.e. CoolSculpting), there are, in fact, side-effects such as bruising, etc. Plus, a little bit of downtime should be expected.

Why We Chose Contour Light aka. Red Light Body Sculpting

After comparing the numerous body contouring options on today’s market, we, at Genesis, opted for a technology called Contour Light aka. Red Light Body Sculpting.

Contour Light is not only extremely effective (to the points where we literally guarantee instant inch loss in just one session) but actually pain-free and – buckle up – super relaxing. That means, not only do you get to lose inches fast but, due to the red light therapy component, you will also receive an enormous amounts of extra health benefits ranging from increased collagen and elastin production (which tightens the skin, reduces cellulite, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, helps with sagging skin, etc.), reduced inflammation, increased blood circulation, body detoxification, and so much more.

This technology is simply phenomenal. To learn more about it, click here.

Now, to be fair, one of the things that Contour Light (Red Light Body Sculpting) does not offer is targeted fat loss. Body contouring devices such as CoolSculpting or Sculpsure let you pick what area(s) you want to target for fat loss. Our device comes in the form of a whole body wrap covering almost the entire body (waist, thighs, arms, legs, etc.) which equates to you losing inches across your entire body.

To learn more about Contour Light (Red Light Body Sculpting), click here.

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  • Detoxify the body
  • Reduce inflammation
  • "Extremely relaxing"