"I thought the pain would never go away but it has" — Karen D


"I was able to avoid surgery"
— Laura S

"I am so grateful to ShockWave for giving me my life back (and my sanity)! It is nearly impossible to describe to anyone not suffering from chronic pain how depressing and debilitating it is. It affects every area of any person’s daily living. I just don’t know why I wasn’t told about ShockWave sooner."
— Alexandria

"ShockWave gave me my life back! I was in so much pain prior to treatment I had to quit my job. The pain took over my life. This experience was nothing short of a miracle. I highly suggest this to anyone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. As of today (1 year later), I am pain-free.”
— Edith K

"changed my life!”
— Jane B

"I can’t thank you enough. You gave me my life back after 2 plus years of depressive inactivity and debilitating pain.”
— Janice A

"Back to normal life. Thanks!"
— Richard K

"I slept through the whole treatment - that’s how comfortable it was”
— Mary Jo M

“the procedure has me back to running 10-12 miles per week. Thank you so much!”
— Gary B

"The entire experience was pleasant, pain-free, and has allowed me to enjoy my everyday activities again. I am able to work without any pain and I've walked 3 miles 5 days a week and lost 33 pounds in 8 months. Thank you ShockWave!"
— Gloria T

"Foot is pain-free. All activities have resumed and I am very I was made aware of ShockWave."
— Bob S

“It wasn’t until later that evening that I realized that my elbow stopped hurting completely…”

— Feodor S

"now there is no pain in my day-to-day activities"
— Pete C

"I don't know how I came this far so fast. I tell everyone about this system. It is amazing"
— Shane F

"very happy"
— Marlene W

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
— Felix A

"This treatment has been amazing. I was in extreme pain prior to the treatment and am now virtually pain-free. It has been an amazing difference and I am so grateful"
— Julie R

"Thank you! Back to running. ShockWave definitely gave me my life back!"
— Christine S

"I was in so much pain before my treatment and I am just so thankful that a treatment like yours is available. It gave me relief and improved my way of life"
— Joan L

"MANY MANY THANKS!!! My procedure was yesterday. Feeling great today, finally allowing myself to dream of a pain-free walk down the aisle in a couple of months! :))))"
— Robin D

"I got my life back. Back to walking and the gym"
— Fran G

"best thing I ever did!"
— Rose M.


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